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Python Programming

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R-48, Patuli, Kolkata-94
48 Hrs. of classroom training
5,999/- #
per mo.
Session Ended

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Get introduced to core programming concepts like data structures, conditionals, loops, variables, and functions. Also get an overview of the various tools available for writing and running Python, libraries to perform various go to application features. Includes hands-on coding exercises using commonly used data structures, writing custom functions, and reading and writing to files, creating APIs. Learn professional developer best practices from industry experts.

What you’ll gain

Industry Standards for Software Development

Software Development in the Agile way

Coding standards

Recommended coding structures

Creating APIs with Flask Framework

Build GUIs applications with Python

Version control with GIT

Getting familiar with SCM tool GitHub

Pre Requisites
Basics of Internet
Tools Coverage

What you'll learn

  • Introduction to Python

  • Managing Data

  • Decision Making

  • Functions

  • Object Oriented Programming

  • Working with Files

  • Debugging & Fixing Errors

  • Error Handling

  • RESTful API

  • Working with Flask

  • Web Foundation

Pre Requisites
Basics of Internet
Tools Coverage
Technology Coverage

User Interface

Learn how to develop and deploy different UI components

  • HTML
  • CSS

Application Layer

Learn how to create Python back-end

  • Python
  • Flask Framework

Database Layer

Learn to work with SQL database

  • MySQL
Best For
B.Tech Students
Diploma Students
BCA Students
MCA Students
Working Professional
Training Completion Certificate
Internship Certificate or Project Completion Certificate
Training Center
R-48, Patuli, Kolkata-94

3 Months weekend class

16 class * 3 hrs. = 48 hours of training

5,999/- #
per mo.
Session Ended

# Total course fee (4,999.00 + 5,000.00 + 5,000.00) = 14,999.00

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